Algebra II

Algebra II

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Some Background:

Algebra II is primarily the study of functions that describe the relationship between two sets of data. We study how to algebraically work with the functions in order to analyze key characteristics in the relationship and make predictions for future conditions.

Main topics covered include:

  • Relations and functions
  • System of equations and inequalities, possibly including matrices
  • Quadratic functions
  • Polynomial functions
  • Rational expressions
  • Root functions (square root and higher order roots)
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Graphs of functions and data analysis

Some Sample problems:

  • A ball tossed into the air has an associated equation for the height of the ball given by function h(x), where h(x) = -x2+ 12x, x is the time since the ball is tossed (in seconds), and h is in feet.
  • What’s the maximum height of the ball?
  • How long does it stay in the air?
  • Bill and Barbara want to start a college fund for their child Brenda. They want the fund to have $150K in 15 years, and plan to open an account that earns a fixed yearly interest with a single initial deposit (no future deposits).
    1. If they open the account with $50K, and the account has an 8% interest, will they reach their goal?.
    2. What yearly interest would they need in order to meet their goal with an initial deposit of $45K?
    3. Rounded to the next year, how many years would it take to Bill and Barbara to earn at least 150K if they started the account with $50K, and 10% yearly interest?
  • The area of a rectangle is 11 cm2. If the length plus 6 is equal to 5 times the width (i.e. length is equal to 6 less than 5 times the width), determine the dimensions of the rectangle.

How we can help:

As teachers ourselves we see the same problems you are encountering every day, and our years of classroom experience teaching Algebra II and many other math classes give us the perspective to determine what your stumbling blocks are. Work with one of our teachers over a high definition video/interactive whiteboard connection and we can take you through the difficult areas step by step.

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