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What do we look for in our tutors?

First, they must currently teach math or science at a very well regarded, competitive school.
Second, they must have great evaluations from their previous students and department heads.
Third, they have to have attended a competitive undergraduate college or university and majored in math, physics, chemistry or some aspect of biology, gone on to graduate school for whichever subject they teach, and have an advanced degree in that subject. One of our physics tutors, for example, attended Stanford undergrad for Physics, received his PhD in Physics from Berkeley, and teaches all levels of Physics at a very well regarded boarding school.
And lastly, we tend to like people with engaging personalities. When you are teaching math to a 15 year old it is a must, but if a student really enjoys working with the tutor they do tend to get more out of the session. But, the personality aspect is only considered if a candidate meets the other qualifications, first.

Kathleen – Math Tutor
kathleen pic WDTKathleen began as an engineering student at Purdue but enjoyed tutoring so much that she wound up with a degree in education, and completed her Masters of Arts in Education at Teachers College of Columbia University. Since then Kathleen (who is currently on maternity leave from her teaching position with a new baby) has served as a math department chair at a very prestigious girl’s school and has taught every math class from 6th grade through calculus.

Courses Kathleen has taught, and also tutors: 6th – 8th grade math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and AP Calculus AB.

Trung – Math Tutor
Trung pic WDTTrung has lived in California most of his life, and attended Stanford University where he majored in Computer Science. After working as a software engineer in Southern California for several years, Trung enrolled in a graduate education program to pursue a teaching career. As a math teacher, Trung hopes to provide the same positive influence for his students that he enjoyed from his own teachers. Pushing his students to see and understand the world in analytical and mathematical ways, Trung hopes math will help them to broaden and expand their horizons.

Courses Trung has taught, and also tutors: middle school math, Algebra I, Algebra II and Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB, and Computer Science.

Theana – Math Tutor
Theana pic WDTTheana grew up on the campus of an academically challenging boarding school in Hawaii, and attended Colorado College for both her BA and MA. Theana taught high school math in Colorado for several years, before accepting a faculty position in the Math Department at a prestigious west coast prep school. When she is not teaching math (or chasing after her three small children) Theana reads extensively about Japan and Micronesia, enjoys outrigger canoeing and hula and is conversational in Japanese. Theana is currently teaching in Spain for a sabbatical year, so if you are in Europe she is in relatively the same time zone as you are.

Courses Theana has taught, and also tutors: several levels of middle school math, Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus AB and Geometry. Theana also tutors the SAT Subject Tests in Math 1 and Math 2.

Paul – Physics Tutor
Paul pic WDTPaul began teaching sections in physics even before completing his undergraduate physics degree at Stanford. He went on to earn a PhD in physics from UC Berkeley, and is chair of the math and science department at a small boarding school, where he teaches AP Physics and AP Computer Science in addition to lower level courses. He organizes teams for both math and computer science competitions, and has coached several varsity sports. When not teaching or coming up with challenging problems for his students, you might find Paul hiking with his daughter, playing tennis, or searching for the perfect line down the ski slopes.

Courses Paul has taught, and also tutors: AP Physics and General Physics, with and without
calculus, AP Computer Science A.

Steve – Math Tutor
Steve has been teaching for 24 years and has a degree in Mathematics from Manchester University, as well as a Masters in Applied Statistics from Sheffield University. Steve currently teaches at a very well regarded boarding school in the U.K., and has taught at the Open University for 15 years. Steve has taught the whole age and ability range from special needs to IB and Oxbridge entrance examinations, and at the Open University taught level one, two and a third level course in statistics to undergraduates. He believes passionately that every student can learn mathematics providing we develop understanding and adapt our teaching accordingly. Steve has always supported the extra curricula component of a student’s education, has run football teams, and also started both a running club and a chess club. Steve is a keen runner himself as well as a golfer, and has two children.

Courses Steve has taught, and currently tutors: A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, as well as IB courses in Geometry, Calculus and Statistics.

James – Biology Tutor
James completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at Southampton University in the U.K. He then matriculated at Oxford University, where he completed his PhD; at Oxford, his dissertation research focused on the molecular biology of viruses. James made the move into teaching after graduate school, and his initial training was through the highly-competitive Teach First scheme. He joined the faculty of an independent day school in Oxford, and after three years, made the move to prestigious boarding school where he now teaches.
Outside of teaching he coaches Rugby and Hockey and is part of the pastoral team for one of his school’s boarding houses. In his free moments he loves spending time with his daughter and walking his dogs, occasionally finding time for clay pigeon shooting and badminton.

Courses James has taught, and currently tutors: Biology GCSE, IGCSE, A level and IB Diploma.

Kieran – Economics Tutor
Since graduating from the University of Sussex, Kieran has taught for the last eight years at several prestigious British boarding schools. Currently, Kieran is the Head of Economics at a very competitive private school that sends a lot of students to Oxford and Cambridge. His students respond well to his affable style, and they typically score the highest of any class on A levels and IB examinations. Kieran enjoys working with all levels of students and has discovered many tips and resources to help low attaining students fulfill their potential and reach their required university entrance grades. In the holidays, he enjoys life guarding Brighton’s beaches, yoga, climbing and cruising on his mountain bike.

Courses Kieran has taught, and currently tutors: A level economics (all exam boards) and IB economics.

Brian – Chemistry Tutor
Brian’s experience as a student at top tier boarding school, coupled with the relationships he formed with his teachers, provided the inspiration for a career in education. Brian earned his B.S. and A.M. in chemistry from Stanford and Harvard, respectively, and has been teaching chemistry at an elite preparatory school for over a decade. In addition to instructing all levels of introductory, AP and organic chemistry, Brian also serves as chair of both the chemistry and science departments. Brian has co-authored a digital textbook on general chemistry. In his spare time, Brian enjoys golf and spending time with his family.

Courses Brian has taught, and also tutors: General Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Advanced AP Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Chris – Chemistry Tutor
Chris graduated from Cambridge University, UK, with a Masters degree in Natural Science. Chris remained in Cambridge to complete his PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, researching the molecular mechanisms of action of two classes of chemotherapeutic agent. Following four years as a postdoc in the biotechnology industry, Chris switched his career to teaching, taking up a post as a Chemistry and Biology teacher in the UK at boarding school with global renown for academic challenge. Chris is currently both Head of Chemistry and Head of Science, and has ten years experience teaching Chemistry at IB Higher Level and at A level. Chris also teaches the International GCSE Chemistry course.
In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing cricket as well as growing his own vegetables in the garden. He is happily married, with a young daughter and a newborn son.

Courses Chris has taught, and also tutors: Chemistry at IB Higher Level and at A level, as well as International GCSE Chemistry course.

Giuseppe – Physics Tutor
Giuseppe graduated in Physics from the University of Pisa, Italy and completed his PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy. He has 8 publications with more than 200 total citations in peer-reviewed journals and more than 25 official communications in scientific meetings and invited seminars.
Upon completing his PhD, Giuseppe’s post doctoral research focused on superstring theory and gravitational singularities, including black holes. Following his post-doc, inspired by his former high school Physics teacher, Giuseppe took a position as faculty in Physics and Mathematics at a renowned boarding school in Switzerland with active iGCSE and IB Diploma curricula. He has recently returned to Italy, where he is teaching in a science-oriented high school which includes an international program. He has tutored students both in Mathematics and in Physics, in preparation for their IB Diploma exams and numerous standardized tests. Giuseppe is also a member of the Italian Physics Olympiad committee. He writes and mark the tests for the selection of the Italian team at the International Physics Olympiad and tutors the Italian team prior to the International competition. Giuseppe is an accomplished skier and mountaineer, and when he is not teaching or being dad to his young daughter, you will probably find him heading towards the summit of some mountain, somewhere around the world. Giuseppe is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.

Courses Giuseppe has taught, and also tutors: All levels of Mathematics and Physics through A Levels and IB at HL.

Andy – Physics Tutor, Mathematics Tutor
Andy holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Texas at Austin, where his dissertation focused on aspects of duality in quantum field theory and string theory. While there, he earned “Outstanding Dissertation Award” for best dissertation in physics, by faculty review. He is a formal theorist, most interested in the overlap between physics and mathematics, and in uncovering new mathematical structures hidden in the remarkably rich internal structure of string theory. He currently has 8 published papers with an h-index of 7 and 200 total citations. He has been an invited speaker at several international conferences. Following postdoctoral research abroad, Andy returned to the US where he took up a faculty position in mathematics at one of the top-ranked STEM high schools in the country, where he has taught courses from freshman to collegiate level, supervised student research projects, and continues to publish and attend major conferences. He has also taught various undergraduate physics courses while in graduate school.
His approach to teaching has been influenced by a number of world class mathematics and physics teachers, including a Nobel laureate and several doctoral students of Fields medalists. His teaching is engaging and student-centered, and focuses on a deep understanding of the fundamental principles. He makes heavy use of a variety of research-based teaching strategies, most notably inquiry-based learning. His teaching is also personalized and differentiated so that each student is appropriately challenged at his or her current level of ability and preparation, assuring that all students experience consistent maximal growth. Despite the success of his classroom teaching, which includes outstanding standardized test scores, he feels his strongest teaching is on a one-on-one level, and students he tutors see dramatic, immediate results. These results also persist in the long run, as he teaches not only the content, but also the right way to think about the content and how to learn on one’s own.

Andy can tutor any mathematics and physics course, at all levels.

Jason Clapham – BMAT Essay Coach and English Composition Tutor
While we generally don’t provide tutoring outside of STEM subjects, we needed someone for the essay portion of the BMAT (British Medical Admissions Test) and so we hired Jason. Jason was educated at the universities of Edinburgh (undergraduate) and Oxford (graduate), and in addition to coaching the essay portion of the BMAT he is available for tutoring in all aspects of English composition and literature. He has over fifteen years’ experience teaching English at a top UK boarding school, where he is a popular head of department. Currently he runs programmes for the I.B. diploma as well as A-level, and he teaches with international schools during the U.K. school holidays. Alongside all aspects of English teaching, he is responsible for the I.B. Extended Essay at his school, and has a great deal of experience rescuing essays that have gone “off track”. He enjoys writing papers for literary publications in his spare time, cycling to keep fit, and he is a qualified canoe coach running expeditions for young people on British rivers.

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