Our Tutors

Our Tutors

What do we look for in our tutors?

First, they must currently teach mathematics or science at a very well regarded, competitive school. This insures the tutor will know the curriculum of your child’s specific course, even if that course is taught in a slightly different sequence (as is often the case).

Second, they must have great evaluations from their previous students and department heads.

Third, they have to have attended a competitive undergraduate college or university and majored in mathematics, physics, chemistry or some aspect of biology, gone on to graduate school for whichever subject they teach, and have an advanced degree in that subject. One of our physics tutors, for example, attended Stanford undergrad for Physics, received his PhD in Physics from Berkeley, and teaches all levels of Physics at a very well regarded boarding school.

And lastly, we tend to like people with engaging personalities. When you are teaching physics to a 15 year old it is a must, and if a student really enjoys working with the tutor they do tend to get more out of the session. But, the personality aspect is only considered if a candidate meets the other qualifications, first.

You will see that many of our tutors have extensive academic resumes. We have heard concerns that someone with a PhD in Chemistry is “so far removed from the subject material taught in high school” that they will have trouble communicating that material to a high school student. There is an element of truth to that, but that is definitely not the case if the chemistry teacher with the PhD has taught high school chemistry for the last 11 years. And while many of them are coaching teams in the International Physics or Mathematics Olympiad, we are equally as happy to work with the student who is struggling just to pass!

Theana – Mathematics Tutor
Theana pic WDTTheana grew up on the campus of an academically challenging boarding school in Hawaii, and attended Colorado College for both her BA and MA. She taught high school math in Colorado for several years, before accepting a faculty position in the Math Department at a prestigious west coast prep school. When she is not teaching math (or chasing after her three small children) Theana reads extensively about Japan and Micronesia, enjoys outrigger canoeing and hula and is conversational in Japanese. Theana spent the past year on sabbatical teaching math in Spain.

Courses Theana has taught, and also tutors: several levels of middle school math, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, AP® Calculus AB, Calculus BC and Geometry.

Paul – Physics and Computer Science Tutor
Paul pic WDTPaul began teaching sections in physics even before completing his undergraduate physics degree at Stanford. He went on to earn a PhD in physics from UC Berkeley, and is now chair of the math and science department at a small boarding school, where he teaches AP Physics and AP Computer Science in addition to lower level courses. He organizes teams for both math and computer science competitions, and has coached several varsity sports. When not teaching or coming up with challenging problems for his students, you might find Paul hiking with his daughter, playing tennis, or searching for the perfect line down the ski slopes.

Courses Paul has taught, and also tutors: AP Physics and General Physics, with and without
calculus, and AP Computer Science.

James – Biology Tutor
James completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at Southampton University in the U.K. He then matriculated at Oxford University, where he completed his PhD; at Oxford, his dissertation research focused on the molecular biology of viruses. James made the move into teaching after graduate school, and his initial training was through the highly-competitive Teach First scheme. He joined the faculty of an independent day school in Oxford, and after three years, made the move to prestigious boarding school where he now teaches.
Outside of teaching he coaches Rugby and Hockey and is part of the pastoral team for one of his school’s boarding houses. In his free moments he loves spending time with his daughter and walking his dogs, occasionally finding time for clay pigeon shooting and badminton.

Courses James has taught, and currently tutors: Biology GCSE®, IGCSE®, A-Level® and IB® Diploma.

Colin – Mathematics Tutor
Colin earned a degree in Materials Science Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and then a PhD in Mathematics from UCLA, focusing on the geometry of curvature. Colin currently teaches math at one of the top-rated STEM schools in the United States, where he has been the Math Club Advisor for 9 years. He enjoys working with students on all levels and has taught almost every course from Algebra 1 through post AP electives, including courses whose curriculum he has crafted to include advanced topics such as multivariable calculus and group theory. His teaching has been recognized with awards both from within the school and from the Mathematics Association of America.

His teaching career  has taken him around the globe; he spent several years teaching mathematics at one of Korea’s premier boarding schools. While there he taught mathematics using both Korean and English language textbooks to many students who went on to study at OxBridge or Ivy league universities in the USA and UK. He taught multiple International Math Olympiad Gold Medalists and co-wrote an annual nation-wide Middle School Math Contest. He had two students who went on to win gold medals at the International Math Olympiad. Last year his school placed 4th out of all international schools in the Canadian Math Contest, and won 1st place in the Michigan Math Field Day.

Outside of teaching math, Colin enjoys coaching track and field, and ultimate frisbee, which allows him to stay active and share his athletic interests with his students.

Courses Colin has taught, and currently tutors: The entire spectrum of high school mathematics, from Algebra 1 through Multivariable Calculus and Group Theory, inclusive.

Brian – Chemistry Tutor
Brian earned his B.S. and A.M. in chemistry from Stanford and Harvard, respectively, and has been teaching chemistry at a well regarded preparatory school for nearly two decades. While at Stanford, he was awarded the Marsden Award for best chemistry student, the American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry, and the Hoefer Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Writing. He was a Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow. At Harvard, his research focus was on Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Carbohydrate Library, and he published in Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS).

In addition to instructing all levels of introductory, AP and organic chemistry, Brian has also served as chair of his school’s chemistry and science departments. He also co-authored a textbook on General Chemistry. Brian’s experience as a student at top tier boarding school, coupled with the relationships he formed with his teachers, provided the inspiration for a career in education. A scratch golfer, Brian still competes in state and national amateur tournaments when he is not busy raising his three children.

Courses Brian has taught, and also tutors: General Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Advanced AP Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Elizabeth – Biology Tutor
After graduating Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Kenyon College, Elizabeth went on to earn her PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biophysics from The Rockefeller University in New York City.
Her research on the mechanisms behind tuberculosis gene expression resulted in multiple publications in top tier scientific journals, including Nature Communications, PNAS, and eLife. While in NYC, Elizabeth discovered her passion for teaching and mentoring young scientists through her involvement in multiple science outreach programs. Since earning her PhD, Elizabeth has taught biology at two very well regarded, academically rigorous independent schools, where she has an outstanding rapport with her students. For the last five years, she has been on faculty at one of the highest-ranking STEM programs in the country where she also serves as coach for her school’s Science Olympiad team and adviser for USA Biology Olympiad Club, Women in STEM Club, and Wildlife Conservation Club. Outside of teaching, Elizabeth enjoys yoga, reading fiction, and spending time with her family—whether it’s traveling, camping, or exploring the local food scene.

Courses Elizabeth has taught and can tutor: Introductory Biology, Honors/Intensive Biology, AP-level Biology, Biochemistry, as well as many special topics including Immunology, Evolutionary-Developmental Biology, and Virology.

Chris – Chemistry Tutor
Chris graduated from Cambridge University, UK, with a Masters degree in Natural Science. Chris remained in Cambridge to complete his PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, researching the molecular mechanisms of action of two classes of chemotherapeutic agent. Following four years as a postdoc in the biotechnology industry, Chris switched his career to teaching, taking up a post as a Chemistry and Biology teacher in the UK at boarding school with global renown for academic challenge. Chris is currently both Head of Chemistry and Head of Science, and has ten years experience teaching Chemistry at IB® Higher Level and at A level. Chris also teaches the International GCSE Chemistry course.
In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing cricket as well as growing his own vegetables in the garden. He is happily married, with a young daughter and a newborn son.

Courses Chris has taught, and also tutors: Chemistry at IB® Higher Level and at A level, as well as International GCSE Chemistry course.

James – Physics Tutor
James has worked for two of the leading academic independent schools in the UK, teaching physics to 11-18 year olds. He has taught A-Level (AQA and OCR exam boards) and IB® Physics (both HL and SL) and equally enjoyed stretching the very brightest, as well as supporting those less confident. James prides himself on his passion for the subject, and his ability to encourage and inspire those less enthused by physics.
James worked as a portfolio manager for one of the largest macro economic hedge funds in the world during a 12-year career before he took up a life long desire to teach. This prior experience is perhaps why James is so passionate about encouraging students to see the study of physics as “real world problem solving” and tries to make his teaching as relevant as possible to the students he teaches.
James studied Physics at Oxford, where his Masters Degree concentrated on Solid State Physics. James remains fascinated by the physics, and indeed the philosophy, of the world on the smallest scale. Whilst at university, James was awarded with a Full Blue, for golf, and has been Head of Golf at his previous and current school, striving to offer the sport for all to experience. James is the proud father of three daughters.

Courses James has taught, and also tutors: IB® Physics at SL and HL, A-Level Physics, iGCSE/GCSE Physics

Giuseppe – Physics and Mathematics Tutor
Giuseppe graduated in Physics from the University of Pisa, Italy and completed his PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy. He has 8 publications with more than 200 total citations in peer-reviewed journals and more than 25 official communications in scientific meetings and invited seminars.
Upon completion of his dissertation, Giuseppe’s post doctoral research focused on superstring theory and gravitational singularities, including black holes. Following his post-doc, inspired by his former high school physics teacher, Giuseppe took a position as faculty in Physics and Mathematics at a renowned boarding school in Switzerland with active iGCSE and IB® Diploma curricula. He has recently returned to Italy, where he is teaching in a science-oriented high school which includes an international program. He has tutored students both in Mathematics and in Physics, in preparation for their IB® Diploma exams and numerous standardized tests. Giuseppe is also a member of the Italian Physics Olympiad© committee. He writes and marks the tests for the selection of the Italian team at the International Physics Olympiad and tutors the Italian team prior to the International competition. In July 2023, Giuseppe has been selected as a coach for the Italian National Team in Tokyo, coaching the team through the final phase. Giuseppe is an accomplished skier and mountaineer, and when he is not teaching or being dad to his young daughter, you will probably find him heading towards the summit of some mountain, somewhere around the world. Giuseppe is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.

Courses Giuseppe has taught, and also tutors: All levels of Mathematics and Physics through A Levels and IB® at HL.

Julian – Chemistry Tutor
Julian has been teaching Chemistry for the past 15 years in the UK, covering A level, IGCSE and IB (Higher and Standard level). During that time he has been Head of Chemistry and Director of Science at two different schools and now is a senior leader at one of the UK’s top boarding schools. Over those years, many of his students have gone on to study Chemistry at university including a few each year to Oxford and Cambridge. He has coached many students to success in the Chemistry Olympiad, including one student who represented the UK in the international competition. Jules has a PhD in Organic Chemistry at University of Nottingham, UK and graduated with a first class degree. During that time he specialised in Stereochemistry in Organic synthesis and studied 2,3-sigmatropic rearrangements in the synthesis of un-natural amino acids.
Outside of the classroom Jules takes an active role in the use of IT in the classroom, overseas all school trips and is a tutor in one of the boarding houses. When he’s not working, Jules plays Cricket and Football and lives with his wife and two children and their 5 chickens.
Courses Julian has taught and can tutor: All levels of A Level, IB® and GCSE Chemistry

Tom – Physics Tutor
Tom studied at the University of Bristol, graduating top of his class with a 1st class Masters degree in Physics. He won a prestigious scholarship to remain at the University of Bristol to complete his PhD, studying the electronic structure of unusual metals through x-ray techniques and state-of-the-art calculations. He has seven academic papers to his name at present and has spoken at international conferences and workshops. Throughout his physics studies, he’s helped in the education and communication of science, organising events for the public and study sessions for undergraduate students. He taught both undergraduates and postgraduates before retraining as a science teacher at the University of Warwick, where he completed a PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education). He’s since taught in schools near Birmingham in the UK. He has also worked as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick, delivering Astrophysics sessions to students aged 10-12 as part of the University’s outreach work. Outside of classroom teaching, Tom is the author of a range of different textbooks and is a keen follower of rugby, cricket and soccer. Tom is the proud father of two daughters.

Tom tutors A Level and IB® Physics at HL and SL, as well as iGCSE/GCSE Physics

Matt – Mathematics Tutor
Matthew grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, moving to England to read for an undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford. While there he also held an organ scholarship, leading the choir for weekly services. He remained at Oxford for his DPhil (Oxford PhD), in which he investigated the physics behind the animal magnetic sense. His research focused particularly on the differences between migratory songbirds and other species, looking specifically at the retinal protein cryptochrome. Cryptochrome, it would turn out, is highly conserved across a large number of bird species, but with key differences between birds that migrate and birds that don’t. Measuring these differences using a custom-built spectrometer demonstrated a difference in the magnetic sensitivity of the cryptochrome proteins across different species, providing evidence that the process of migration is linked to animal magnetoreception.

While a graduate student, Matt also acted as a tutor for the undergraduate Maths for Chemistry course, covering the calculus and linear algebra required for physical chemistry and quantum mechanics. Since finishing his DPhil, Matthew has been teaching Maths at a top UK independent school, where he also holds pastoral and academic responsibilities. He maintains his links with Oxford, where he still teaches the Maths for Chemistry course for undergraduate chemistry students.

Courses Matthew has taught, and also tutors: iGCSE, A-Level, and IB® Mathematics

Jamil – Mathematics Tutor
Jamil received his B.S. in biomedical engineering from Boston University and then earned a M.A.T. in mathematics education and a M.A. in pure mathematics, also from Boston University. He has spent the last 25 years teaching mathematics at a New England high school, where he is currently the Lead Teacher for his department. In 2019 Jamil won a national teaching award for mathematics teaching.
Jamil believes that anyone is capable of succeeding at mathematics if they are willing to work hard and give their best effort, and he is equally encouraging to students across a wide spectrum of abilities. When speaking with Jamil, one can immediately sense his love for mathematics, and he can often be found after school and on weekends providing extra help to struggling students. Fifteen of his former students have gone on to become mathematics teachers.
Outside of his teaching responsibilities, Jamil has worked closely with his state’s Insight Education as Mathematics Lead Teacher since 2012, and has served as a College Board consultant for AP calculus since 2014.
Courses Jamil has taught, and also tutors: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, Trigonometry, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC.

Paul – Mathematics Tutor, Physics Tutor, Computer Science Tutor
Paul has a B.A. from Vassar College with honors in mathematics, and a PhD from the University of California, Irvine in the field of Arithmetic Geometry. He is a longtime math teacher at one of the top 3 STEM schools in the United States, where he is a past winner of the Frank A. Roberts Award for Excellence in Teaching, and where he coached an award winning math team. Between college and graduate school he spent several years as a professional programmer of Hospital Information Systems, specializing in Pharmacy and Laboratory Information Systems. As an undergraduate at Vassar, Paul took many credit hours in philosophy and music,

After graduate school Paul spent six years as an Assistant Professor at Southern Arkansas University, followed by ten years of teaching in private and charter high schools. Paul has had many students go on to major in mathematics and computer science at major universities, such as Stanford, Cornell, and Princeton. Paul has enjoyed great success teaching mathematics through programming, and programming through mathematics. In the code, it is often possible to see a constructive proof.

Despite his extensive academic accomplishments and history of teaching more advanced math courses, Paul also enjoys helping students who struggle with basic algebra. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing some of those students turn it around and do well!

Paul has taught many math courses. At the high school level, he has taught AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science (Java), Physics, Geometry, Precalculus, Vector Calculus, Computational Mathematics (C and C#), Abstract Mathematics, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, and Category Theory. At the collegiate level these include College Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, History of Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Introduction to Computing, Computational Mathematics, and Galois Theory.

Other than teaching, Paul enjoys playing the piano and guitar, hiking, and spending time with his family and his dogs.

Chris – Mathematics Tutor
Chris graduated from Northwestern University with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and English Literature, where he was honored for his achievement in mathematics. He went on from Northwestern to earn a masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University, where his research focused on computational number theory and the theory of elliptic curves. Chris graduated with distinction from Oxford, earning a College Prize for Academic Distinction.

After Oxford, Chris transitioned into secondary education, and currently teaches math and computer science at a highly ranked public school in the United States. Chris is well liked by his students, and has earned national awards for his mathematics teaching. He incorporates technology and computer algebra systems into his teaching, and also coaches their highly competitive Math Team. Like all of our tutors, he is equally skilled working with the student struggling at basic algebra as the student with aspirations for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Outside of teaching, Chris enjoys hiking, gardening, recreational programming, and spending time with his family.

Courses Chris has taught, and also tutors: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and AP Computer Science Principles

Jocelyn – Mathematics Tutor
Previously a Head of Mathematics at a selective UK boys’ school, Jocelyn is now an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for teaching and learning at an elite UK independent day school. After studying GCSEs and A Levels at the Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Jocelyn went to MIT for her undergraduate degree, where she was selected for the prestigious Cambridge-MIT exchange. Diverse interests led Jocelyn to study a wide range of subjects at MIT, but she found the mathematics underpinning models for natural and social sciences enticing, so the subject was a natural choice to pursue. Indeed, Jocelyn continues to work on recreational mathematics, attending conferences and seminars to work on new problems. She has been known to miss motorway exits while attempting to integrate by parts in her head.

Since she began teaching, Jocelyn has also completed a Masters degree at the University of Oxford, focusing on mathematics education. She has enormous expertise in pedagogy and combines theories on motivation and learning with recent findings from cognitive science to support her students and design programmes of study. She is passionate about her students’ success and believes that with enough time, effort and support, all students can find success in maths.

When not working on her own mathematics, or reading about pedagogy, Jocelyn can often be found cheering for one of her three boys the sidelines of the rugby, hockey or football pitch.

She has taught courses in: GCSE Mathematics, IGCSE Mathematics, GCSE Further Mathematics, Additional Mathematics FSMQ, A Level Mathematics, A Level Further Mathematics, IB® Higher and Standard Level Mathematics

Christopher – Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science Tutor
Chris received his PhD at the University of Cambridge, where he studied relic radiation from the big bang while working in the same department as the late Stephen Hawking. He has a Masters degree in Advanced Mathematics from Cambridge (Part III), and Physics from Nottingham (1st class with honours). For the last six years has been on faculty at one of UK’s most selective boarding schools, where he is Head of Astronomy. Chris has taught, in addition to Astronomy, courses in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering, at both IB® and A levels. A professional astronomer, he is an elected fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and over the last five years he has lectured around the world on the Queen Mary 2 as part of the partnership between Cunard and the RAS, and has run science festivals, delivered public outreach lectures and stargazing parties all over the UK. Recently he has been part of a team designin