High School Chemistry (Basic or Honors course)

High School Chemistry (Basic or Honors course)

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Some Background

Generally taken in the tenth or less commonly eleventh grade, basic or honors chemistry (as distinguished from AP® Chemistry) cover much of the same material though honors chemistry goes into far more depth. Stumbling blocks in both courses include stoichiometry and mole concepts, balancing equations, balancing equations by redox numbers, kinetics, equilibrium and acid/base chemistry.

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Topics covered will include:

  • Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)
  • Electron Orbital Configuration
  • Periodic Table Trends and their relation to atomic structure
  • Gas Laws
  • Introduction to quantum mechanics
  • Intermolecular forces

Will this course prepare you for the Science section of the ACT®?

Yes! Provided your particular course covers a sufficient breadth of topics, and you have generally mastered those topics, you are prepared for ACT Science.


Here is a tip: Do the lab write-up as soon after you have completed the lab as possible. Your observations and general understanding of the lab begin to fade pretty rapidly after a day or so.

How our tutors can help:

Your exams will largely reflect what was covered in class, so you will be expected to demonstrate a command of this material. We teach it, so we will know what is expected of you.

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