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Some Basics:

High school Geometry courses include a study of the characteristics of various shapes. Properties of shapes and solids, their area and volume, and geometric proofs are common themes.

Topics usually covered include:

Students can expect to learn just about everything there is to know about triangles, and will study other basic shapes as well. Some courses have a two-column proof-based approach, where much of the course will be about learning new postulates or theorems about shapes and then applying them in “Statements/Reasons” -style proofs. Other courses have less of a focus on proofs and have more word problems and situational applications of shapes and angles.

Typical problem areas include:

Students often struggle to master the cadence of an elegant proof. It’s easy to get stuck in a loop of sorts and forget what one is trying to prove! Keeping track of all the theorems can be difficult as well. Finding composite surface areas and volume often presents a challenge, as it’s tough to visualize the composite figure.

How can we help you?

During our many years of classroom experience teaching Geometry, we have seen almost every difficulty that a student might encounter. Working with one of our teachers over a high definition video/interactive whiteboard connection, we can take you through the difficult areas, step by step.

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