High School Biology (Basic Course)

Basic Biology

All of our tutors are experienced teachers at highly regarded, competitive schools, who have taught their subjects extensively and have received excellent student evaluations throughout their careers.

A little background

Generally this is a ninth grade course, though some schools are experimenting with offering this in the eleventh grade, after students have taken physics and chemistry. Stumbling blocks include meiosis and basic genetic problems, photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation, and action potentials.

Will this course prepare you for the SAT Subject Test™ in Biology?

Absolutely! Most students prefer the Molecular option, though Evolution should definitely merit consideration.

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How Our Tutors Can Help:

As teachers ourselves, lots of the problem areas and stumbling blocks you encounter will have manifested themselves in some form during our many years of classroom experience. So, it is extremely likely that we have seen, and can help you with, your particular problem. Using our interactive video and whiteboard, we can draw out Punnett squares for you and comment on yours simultaneously as you draw them.

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