High School Biology (Honors Course)

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Some basics

Often taught in lieu of AP Biology* at schools that do not offer AP courses, and sometimes referred to as “Advanced Biology”, this course goes into greater depth (though not necessarily breadth!) than the basic course. The reason we make the point about the breadth of the subject matter is that the SAT II Subject Test tends to reflect its’ difficulty in the spectrum of the subjects tested, as opposed to the depth. It will prepare you as well, though not necessarily better, than the basic course.

Topics covered include biochemistry of membranes, more detailed examination of cell structures, enzyme kinetics, basic molecular biology (ie DNA replication, transcription and translation), evolution and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

Stumbling block subject include < meiosis and basic genetic problems, photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation/proton gradients, the lactose operon, action potentials and mathematical deviations from the Hardy-Weinberg model.

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How Our Tutors Can Help: There is a concept many seem to buy into that biology is just a memorization course. Not correct! Looking at big picture processes help you to understand and remember the minutiae involved. Our teachers focus on the overall process first, which helps you understand how the little steps fit into the big picture. Using our interactive whiteboard and video we can help you through problem areas you are sure to encounter.

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