How We Work

Once you contact us and we discuss your child’s particular circumstances, we assign a tutor based on several factors including anticipated compatibility and tutor’s expertise in the particular field of study. Time zones are also considered, as are any preferences you might have for one tutor over another. You are under no obligation to continue with a particular tutor if you feel (for any reason) that the match is not working. You can stop at any time, or work with the tutor for as many hours per week as their schedule allows.

During the initial session, the tutor will likely ask for specific topics that the student has had difficulty with. This might require a bit of preparation from your child, but it will allow us to zero in much more quickly on the problem areas. If the tutoring sessions are in preparation for a particular standardized test, we will want the student to have taken a practice exam in advance, which we will have sent you previously via email.

We do not have a set protocol for working with each student. Even when we are prepping them for a particular standardized test, we take into account areas that they are weakest in and target those first. Many high school students are under nearly the same pressure as a first year law associate, and their time is precious, so we won’t waste it discussing material they already know. We will, however, make sure they do know a topic as well as they think they do before we move on to a new topic.

Rest assured we do not pressure our students or their families for more hours than the student needs. Our main concern is your child’s academic performance, and if they understand the material at the level expected in their class, or if they are on track for a particular test score, there is no reason for them to have additional hours with the tutor. Our long term reputation benefits when we have successful students who enjoy working with us.

We are happy to have conversations with your child’s teacher, if requested.

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