Middle School Chemistry

Middle School Chemistry

All of our tutors are experienced teachers at highly regarded, competitive schools, who have taught their subjects extensively and have received excellent student evaluations throughout their careers.

Learn the fundamentals before high school!

As teachers ourselves, we can tell you that middle school science classes will provide you with a lot of fundamentals that should give you a good, solid footing as you go forward. Using the interactive whiteboard and high definition video we will go through the material at your pace, make sure you get the most from your class, and prepare you for your next level science classes.

Subjects you often see

  • Balancing equations
  • Basics of the periodic table
  • The mole
  • Stoichiometry
  • Gas laws
  • Basic thermodynamics
  • Labs

How we can help:

We have all been there – the teacher who speaks so fast that you seem to miss the important details. But so often, these subjects are very similar from class to class. We have seen them taught at numerous schools and once we look at your notes will know what you are doing and where your class is going.


Whiteboard and video

With whiteboard, video and file sharing, it is easy to look at your old tests and go over them with you. We can also send you examples of problems you are likely to see. Remember that we are all teachers and have written these questions ourselves!

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