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The study of Geometry begins in early childhood with names of basic shapes. In elementary grades, students learn names and defining characteristics of more shapes, as well as the concepts of area, perimeter, and volume.

Topics usually covered:

Classifying triangles and quadrilaterals usually begins around 5th grade. Students should also have mastery names of three-dimensional solids. The concept of nets is introduced, or what two-dimensional figures make up a three-dimensional figure. In 6th and 7th grades students will learn about radius, circumference, and area of circles as well as perimeter and area of triangles and quadrilaterals. Surface area and volume of three-dimensional figures follow.

Typical problem areas:

Students can struggle to remember names of and differences between various two dimensional shapes. In grades 5-8, students struggle to remember formulae for finding perimeter and area, and discerning when to use which formula. Students may have trouble visualizing the two-dimensional figures which make up a three-dimensional figure. Compound areas and volume are typically challenging topics.

Can working with a tutor help?

Hiring a math tutor early in the process, who teaches children in this age group, can help establish solid fundamentals. We currently teach elementary and middle school math at some terrific schools, and can help your child establish a solid foundation for later courses. Working one on one over our high definition video and whiteboard we can help them get off to a great start.

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