Word Problems

Word Problems

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Some Basics:

Word problems can help a student see where math applies to real life…or can make a student feel that the situation is contrived and confusing. Either way, decoding math problems can be a game if you know what words to look for.

Topics usually covered:

Word problems are found in nearly every math class of every grade, from elementary through high school. Students work through problems which require them to decode words into numbers and operations, and may need to use one or more methods for solving problems depending on the particular class. Problem solving methodologies include making a list of information given and needed, drawing pictures, working backwards, guess and check, making a table, and looking for a pattern.

Typical problem areas:

Students can struggle to decode the words in word problems, and sometimes there is unnecessary information given. Finding a method that fits the problem can be challenging as well. Sometimes the problem is so difficult it helps to make up a similar, simpler problem as a first step.

Can working with a tutor help?

A math tutor accustomed to working with younger children can help establish solid math fundamentals and a strong foundation for later courses. Working one on one over our high definition video and whiteboard, we can help them get off to a great start.

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